Otamarakau Vera har stand for brun vagtel

Hilsen fra New Zealand

Hi Anne-Marie,

Hope you are well. Just a quick update, as it has been a while. Vera’s puppies have shaped up nicely, she seems to have produced herself in the puppies more than the sire did. There were two males that went to my friend in the mountain in the south. Sadly one died, so I sent him my own puppy from the litter ( I can reproduce this litter so no problem) He was the biggest puppy, with a big engine in him. Here is his pedigree: https://hub.tangor.net/genealogie/arbre.php?id=334871

At the end of May I am taking the whole kennel South again to hunt chukar in the mountians. I can’t wait. This is where the Prick x Asta genetics shines. 

Asta is well, in semi-retirement. She has developed a love for ‘crumpet’, a type of waffle we have here. She doesn’t look like her tenth birthday is approaching at all.

I have imported another puppy from Australia. Australia is easy for us to import from so its not the hassle that you and I had with Asta. The puppy is the NZ female line that is the pedigree above, FCH Fauloon Cracker’s female line. On top of that is a lot of Italian Aristanis blood. I have been cautious of those genetics, but after seeing them perform in Australian trials where live game is shot, I am not so afraid now. It seems that it can provide a useful outcross to provide style and speed. I don’t think I would base my breeding on it however. in Scandinavia you have kennel Ostaglottens that have the same cross of ‘Ribot” blood, and of course recently Dag Del Nocino which provided evidence it makes a good outcross. Lets see if it performs in NZ conditions on NZ game species.

I have no litters planned at the moment – my kennel is full and I am happy. Asta is now a grandmother in Australia, a male I sent there in 2019 has sired a litter over Australian blood. Villestoftes blood is becoming well represented down here!

Kind regards,